Let Them Eat Space

It'll be a piece of cake ... what could go wrong?
What to do when your not dead and on asteroid base M.

The Crawl
Tensions in the empire are high as Recent rumors of Rebellion within the empire has finally spread to the Edge. Increased imperial scrutiny has also accompanied those rumors. You have been running on the edge doing various grab, smuggle and con jobs to pay your debts and survive and in some ways thrive. You have experience together as a crew and you work within the confines of the group you have and the skill sets there in. That is until now, Gruf-al-Mah accepted an infiltration, snatch and grab. One of you had to dress in imperial finery and pretend to be an envoy there for a brief inspection of an imperial research facility. The rest were responsible for the grab and the getaway …

Part I. The infiltration
Zaster and Tess took the lead roles in a con to get passed Imperial Security on an Astroid located research base. Fooling the security folks and retrieving the data proved to be child’s play. Getting off the rock got a little dicey.

Part II. The Escape (Space Battle/Chase )
The <insert name="true"> and her crew proved to be much too fast and skilled for the tie Fighters assigned to stop their escape. Our heroes were soon on their way to Tatooine to meet with the information broker’s agent. The group checked the stolen data and found the plains for a portable Moisture Vaporator that could change the economics of the empire greatly.

Part III. Meet the Fockers
Upon landing, we learn that Mos Delphi has been embroiled in a war between law enforcement and local criminal element. Law enforcement makes first contact and we meet the Marshall and her deputy. The group tentatively accepts the work of fighting against the gang. Later the gang offers the same work against the law enforcement. The group rejected the offer with no ambiguity.

Part IV. Shootout at the OK Coral.
The Gang didn’t take kindly to the out right rejection of the work offer and took even less kindly on the arrest of two of their number while our heroes rested for the evening. The group shows up just in time to take part in a gun battle between the gang and the law. After a few tense moments the bad guys looked to be in rough shape. The gang leader and his head lieutenant brought out Gruf and Jah as prisoners and attempted to bargain their way into total control of the small port. To everyones surprise Aesrem’razo force pushed the criminals into a wall saving both Gruf and Jah.

Gruf was offered sole control of Mos Delphi’s legitamite and criminal operations and a “safe” place to raise Jah for offering up our group and the stolen plans to the empire. Using his new found contacts in the Tatooine underground, Gruf was able to secure the release of our heroes but not before R2-DQ was stolen from the group.


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