"So, boss... remember our hyperdrive...?"


Character Sheet

Rickety is a typical goblin with bulging red eyes, big floppy ears, and a large, hooked nose.


Rickety is in debt to the Hutts. A lot of debt. No, he didn’t dump a load of spice when encountering an Imperial Customs Corvette. No, he doesn’t have gambling debts. Yes, one of his “special” mods went horribly, hilariously wrong. The Hutts were not amused. They sent Rickety a bill.

Rickety is obsessed with constantly tweaking and modifying his gear, other people’s gear, his starship, other people’s starships. In fact, the words “can’t leave well enough alone” generally apply to him, along with “a reckless disregard for safety, aesthetics, and general common sense.”


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